Welcome to our blog. Let me introduce us and share a little about our story. First and foremost, to just get it out there, we are not yet married. We are happily engaged with a date to be announced soon, we love being best friends, business and life partners.

I am Becci Powers-Johnson, proud mother of 2 young adults. I am recovering from “Corporate America syndrome” and believe I have figured out how to spend the rest of my life doing what I love and am most passionate about.

Jaime Kastner is my other half. Although he is not recovering from Corporate America, he, too, is finally figuring out his life after jobs, many of them! He is recovering from alcohol addiction (sobriety date 9/29/2014)!!!

Jaime and I, along with one other friend and two-time breast cancer survivor founded Pink Courage, Inc.  Jaime’s mom is a 30-year plus survivor. I lost my mom when she was 58 after a long tough 3-year battle of ovarian cancer. Her 3-year battle changed my life. I knew I needed to do something that would make a difference. I found that something in Pink Courage.

Although our roots are “pink” (mixed with some teal), our vision is to fund cancer wellness experiences for anyone going through treatment or just post treatment. Our wellness experiences will not discriminate based on type (or color) of your cancer.

We are passionate about making a difference and helping others. We are passionate about building a dream, and funding wellness experiences. We know what we want. Now to just figure out the best way to earn an income without having to return to Corporate America, allowing me the time and resources to pour my heart, sweat, and tears into this dream.

Jaime is also passionate about helping others. Unlike me, who has spent my entire adult career with one company, he has been somewhat of a drifter, never quite figuring out his life passion. That is until he found Pink Courage. Jaime returned to school in 2010 and graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship in December 2012, using his entrepreneur classes to write business plans for Pink Courage.

Unfortunately, I became unemployed from Corporate America in January 2013. Time to start something new! July 2013, that something new presented itself to us! We joined the #1 Fastest growing, Health and Wellness company in the Direct Sales space and the world. As Health & Wellness Advocates we love helping others be the best they can be!

We have never blogged before. We know we have a lot to blog about. I suspect Jaime will take on this task more.  After all, when Jaime and I founded Courage Enterprises, it was Jaime that came up with the tag line, Courage 2 Believe. Note this was about two years shy of him starting his sobriety journey on 09/29/2014!!!