Our Why!

Pink Courage is our 501(c)(3) Organization.  We are inspired by the strength and courage of survivors.  We strive to help one patient, one survivor, one co-survivor, and one family at a time.

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Our How!

True freedom happens when you love what you do and believe in it enough to have the courage to follow your dreams. Regardless of the obstacles that are placed in your way.

Nothing is impossible!

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Our Store!

Don't think of this product or service as your third favorite, think of it as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of great products/services.

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We LOVE to have FUN!

If you are not moving, you are not living!

Belief does not come from success. Success comes from belief!

You will always have opportunities to quit. Most people take advantage of those opportunities. Be different.

Courage comes before confidence. Confidence leads to competence.

As Richard Branson says, "Screw it, let's do it!"

Other good things to weave into this copy include: awards won, distinctions given, number of products sold, company philosophy (just keep it short), interesting company history bits, and anything that makes a reader think you'd be awesome to do business with.


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